Below is a list of dates and places where Aaron will be appearing in the next few months in support of his books, podcast, and tv show. Click through on the events that interest you to find sign-up or ticket information.


15TH & 16TH

Denver Comic Con

The Colorado Convention Center, Denver, CO



PANEL: Our Secret Monstrous Obsession

DESCRIPTION: Why are we so obsessed with monsters and the frightening in fiction and popular lore? Panelists discuss their favorite and fascinating monsters in YA books. Is there a dividing line between a hero and a monster, can a hero be monstrous and can a monster be heroic? Are monsters real – and are some real people monsters?

PANELISTS: Charlie Jane Anders, Edgar Cantero, C. Robert Cargill, Kristi Charish, Christopher Paolini

Location: Room 402/403





Location: Author Signing Booth 3




PANEL: Avoiding Cardboard Villains: How to Write Villains that Engage and Intrigue Readers

DESCRIPTION: Great protagonists are only as memorable as the antagonists they must defeat! Instead of making all murderers crazy psychopaths and all adversaries driven by revenge, let’s discuss easy, practical ways to build villains that are as complex and formidable as our heroes.

PANELISTS: Terry Brooks, Kristi Charish, Delilah Dawson, Christie Golden, Christina Henry, Aaron Mahnke

Location: Room 406/407



PANEL: The Truth Is Out There

DESCRIPTION: What is it about UFOs, Area 51, Aliens, and Bigfoot that keep us enthralled? A discussion about pop-culture TV and movies that focus on these topics. X-Files, Close Encounters, Contact, Reality shows on urban legend, Ghost Hunters, Destination Truth, and more.

PANELISTS: Sue Duff, Aaron Mahnke, Wendy Terrien

Location: Room 405




Location: Author Signing Booth #3