Dreadful Places


Published by Del Rey   |   352 Pages   |  October 9, 2018

A gorgeously illustrated study of the places where human evil has left a nefarious taint—featuring both rare and best-loved stories from the hit podcast Lore, now a television series from Amazon Studios.

Sometimes you walk into a room, a building, even a town, and you feel it. Something seems off—an atmosphere that leaves you oddly unsettled, a sense of lingering darkness.

Now Aaron Mahnke, the host of the popular podcast Lore, explores some of these dreadful places and the history that seems to haunt them.

Filled with evocative illustrations, this eerie tour of lurid landmarks and doomed destinations is just the ticket to take armchair travelers with a taste for the macabre to places they never thought they’d visit in their wildest, scariest dreams.

Come take a journey into some of the most haunting locations in history. Let’s go visit…Dreadful Places.



Truth can often be much scarier than fiction—something Mahnke proves as he dives deep into the world of folklore and the darker side of history in a quest to root out the fragment of truth at the bottom of our fears.”—Entertainment Weekly

Unlike so much horror that needs over-the-top viscera to scare you, this podcast leans on history—folklore, myth, the stuff people once thought was true—to tell its tales.”—The Atlantic